Leave traditional emails and spreadsheets behind and start managing your conference with confidence today. CadmiumCD's event management software is your "everything" platform. Verified Listing
Who might benefit from your product or service?: Meeting Planners, Conference Organizers, Trade Show Managers, and anyone designing educational events!
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Maximum Price ($): 10000
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Are you an event planner, trade show organizer, or education director looking to get your head out of emails and spreadsheets? CadmiumCD’s event management software lets you collect and review submissions, manage speakers and exhibitors, and deliver exceptional experiences to your attendees, all from the same cloud-based platform. Manage your conference with confidence, with CadmiumCD.From abstract to app, we’ve got you covered before, during, and after your conference. Manage submissions and reviews for call for papers, awards, and grants. Manage speakers and plan your agenda with a WYSIWYG calendar tool. Collect valuable information from exhibitors and sell more sponsorships with our intuitive sales module. Then deliver an exceptional experience to attendees with our attendee engagement tools: websites, apps, floor plans, and digital signage like never before. All of this on one cloud-based event management platform.

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