Looking for donations for auction fundraising? Start with Auctria's Mega Donation Pinterest Board
Looking for donations for auction fundraising? Start with Auctria’s Mega Donation Pinterest Board
Planning a fundraiser auction but don’t know where to find donations? Be prepared to ask for auction donations online.

Finding donations for auction may seem hard, but really it’s not.

Many companies have embraced philanthropy and budget for giving.  Asking for donations can be as simple as filling out forms online but be prepared.  Being prepared means have your procurement letter in digital format to attach to requests, have a website to link to for credibility and most online requests will want your not-for-profit tax id number.

Luckily companies like Auctria has done lots of research so you don’t have to!  Their Pinterest boards contain over 350 pins that are linked directly to donation request pages.  Everything from professional sports & family entertainment to restaurants & supermarkets.

Here is list for auction donation inspiration:


  • gymnastics programs
  • ballet studios
  • martial arts programs
  • surfing
  • local camps
  • health & fitness centers
  • music lessons
  • children’s salons
  • trampoline & jumping locales
  • arcades
  • inflatable and party locales
  • performing arts classes & camps
  • tutoring
  • children’s museum


  • weight loss centers
  • teeth whitening
  • orthodontics
  • home services: cleaning, pool
  • pediatric services
  • vehicle detailing
  • wellness center
  • attorney consultation
  • spa
  • gym membership: crossfit, pilates, barre, martial arts, boxing
  • glamour services: nail salon, lash salon, waxing salon tanning salon


  • major theme parks like Disney World/ DisneyLand, Universal Studios
  • Theatre: ballet, orchestral, musicals plays, children’s,
  • museums: art, science, space, children’s
  • local theme parks
  • water parks
  • horticultural and nature center
  • boating
  • camping
  • movie theater
  • cultural center
  • mini-golf
  • bowling
  • sailing
  • zoo
  • symphony & orchestra


  • personal sporting experiences: golf outing and/or lesson, tennis, batting cages.
  • professional sports teams have community relation departments that are designed to help local not-for profits. Ask them all! Hockey, baseball, basketball, football, soccer, tennis, lacrosse, softball. Most will donate autographed and authenticated merchandise or tickets.
  • semi-professional sports teams enjoy donating for additional exposure.
  • local adult and student recreational leagues will donate a free next seasons registration leagues. Consider the local league for: hockey, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, tennis, softball, t-ball, soccer, archery, equestrian.


  • grooming
  • pet-sitter
  • pet shops for food or services
  • veterinary services


TIMING-best time to ask for a donation for a local restaurant is at the time you are making a purchase, simply bring your procurement letter with you each time you eat out ask the service person to pass along the request- you will be surprised how many will honor it on the spot or ask you to return shortly.

When stopping by a restaurant when not dining do so plenty of time prior to the lunch service. The decision makers tend to be in-house at that time. Stay away during peak dining times unless you are dining- then go for it! National restaurant chains sometimes make local, onsite donations while others ask that donations be requested through their websites. Once you establish this information be sure to document in Charity Auction Organizer so you can have the data to make best use of the procurement team’s time going forward.

It is OK to say no thank you

Accept only donations with a true retail value and can be considered sellable. A 2 for 1, trial coupon or buy-this-get-that are ordinary have little monetary value. Respectfully decline these (or perhaps take them with the notion of using as token of appreciation for volunteers). DON’T clutter the auction with junk.

Follow our Pinterest Boards for links to many auction donation pages.


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