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Who might benefit from your product or service?: Anyone who wants to increase audience participation, learn more deeply about attendees or grow sponsorship revenue
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Lively is the ultimate audience participation tool for in-person events, with no apps and a 30 second setup.  Start a free trial at  Use code “Eventtech” when you sign-up.

  • One tool. A dozen features that increase engagement by 5X. Lively features include branded audience trivia/quizzes, interactive group commenting, polls, audience questions, content pushed to the audience and contests for participation.  Lively even generates images on the fly that relate to audience responses, which animate with video.
  • Increase app downloads.  Lively is NOT an app but is complimentary with apps and can increase downloads of any event app.
  • Add value to event sponsorships.  Lively makes brands front and center as part of an interactive experience— and give your sponsors deep audience insights.  Lively runs on any screen, including any signage so you can add interactivity to displays or signs at your event, and collect valuable data in the process.
  • Gain intelligence about attendees.  You get reporting with responses for specific people.  Lively provides “Who Said What” details with interests, concerns and challenges of VIPs and other SPECIFIC PEOPLE.  Sentiment analysis shows how they feel about topics and questions.
  • Keep people engaged with with multimedia.  Every presentation, speech, training session, luncheon, exhibit and sponsorship message can come to life.  Lively turns audience responses into dynamic imagery on the fly, with animation and more. It visually reinforces any topic or brand with built-in multimedia and any imagery.
  • Easy and fast. It sets up in less than 30 seconds, on the web, before the event.

Try it free here and use code “Eventech” when you sign-up.

Learn more at Lively is used by some of the largest event companies in the world.


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